The AmeriSpec Experience


More ways to protect you and your new home after the sale

AmeriSpec can now provide you with an additional level of protection.

Hours are spent browsing, researching and negotiating before a home is bought and sold. At AmeriSpec, we understand this effort and can help protect you from unexpected surprises.

Assuring Peace of Mind

AmeriSpec offers one of the most comprehensive and thorough home inspections on the market. However, there are some limitations to any home inspection. So to further reduce the risks associated with home ownership, all AmeriSpec home inspections include:



  • Your home inspector records the model numbers of your built-in home appliances and HVAC systems and it’s checked against the RecallChek database of recalled items.
  • RecallChek issues a report, separate from the home inspection report. This report is emailed directly to you.
  • Included as a lifetime service is a monthly email newsletter, RecallTrak. This newsletter informs you if your appliances are recalled and offers helpful Monthly Maintenance Minute updates.


Protect your new home today!