9 Reasons Homebuyers Use AmeriSpec® for Their Home Inspections

  1. All of our certified home inspectors are thoroughly trained at our in-house AmeriSpec Academy and stay informed through continuing educational programs throughout the year.
  2. Over 25 years of home inspection industry experience.AMS-Seal_navy
  3. Error, omissions and general liability insurance that meets or exceeds industry standards.
  4. Detailed and easy-to-understand written inspection reports.
  5. Thousands of satisfied customers from coast-to coast.
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  6. Free consultation on any questions that may arise about your new home… for ever.
  7. As part of every inspection, we gift homeowners with a lifetime subscription to HomeBinder ($360 value).
    HomeBinder is an online platform and app for seamlessly managing the most valuable asset – your home. It helps homeowners:

    AmeriSpec Home Repair Manual
    • Gain peace of mind. Reduce the stress of remembering every home issue and time frame with helpful maintenance reminders
    • Prevent costly repairs. Easily keep up with regular home maintenance, to avoid unexpected issues.
    • Be more efficient. With everything about your home stored in one secure place, you’ll never lose that warranty or instruction manual again.
    • Have immediate access to all your home info via ipad, desktop or mobile. Rest easy knowing your info is safely stored and available when you need it.

    Whenever possible, pre-existing information, such as maintenance schedules and recommended local pros, will be uploaded to the binder from the inspection report. Rest assured, all of the homeowner’s personal information is safe, private, and only accessible to them. Homeowner information will not be shared with any vendors unless specifically requested.

  8. Valuable Partner Offers* including:

– $50.00 off your first cleaning with Merry Maids
– 25% off furniture repair or restoration with Furniture Medic
– Discounts on long-distance moves or a Moving Kit with local moves with AMJ Campbell Movers
– Contractor’s Pricing on electronics, furniture and appliances with The Brick

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There’s More To Consider Than Price

When choosing a home inspector, there’s much more to consider than just price. You also need to ask your inspector the following:

  1. What are their qualifications and training?
  2. Do they carry full errors and omissions insurance?
  3. What items do they inspect?
  4. Do they provide an Agreement which defines the scope of the inspection?
  5. Do they offer a sample report for you to review in advance?
  6. Can they provide referrals or testimonials from other homebuyers?
  7. Do they follow National or International Standards for their inspections?
  8. Are you encouraged to attend the inspection and ask plenty of questions?
  9. How long the inspection will take?
    (Anything less than 2 1/2 hours for a standard home is likely too short)
  10. Do they also do work on the homes they inspect?
    (a conflict of interest)
  11. Do they provide detailed written reports and when you would receive the report?

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